Gwendolyn Courtney is a fine art photographer who creates work exploring her identity within femininity, as well as vulnerability through cinematic scenes. At a young age, she fell in love with analog photography  when the local newspaper toured her elementary school and gave her a camera with black and white film. She completed her studies with a B.A. in Fine art and a concentration in Photography in 2013 from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. 

Expressing her creativity through self-realization, she uses humor and pop culture influences. Her inspirations include works by fine art photographers including Cindy Sherman, Alex Prager, and Rineka Dijstra. 


 Many group exhibitions have showcased her work, “Reclaiming the Past” in many galleries in Montana and Oregon.  Her self-portrait work titled “ Reclaiming the Past” is featured in the independent publication She Shoots Film, Issue 1, “Self-Portrait.”

Gwen currently lives in Portland, loving the smaller city vibes and the adventurous opportunities for photographers. Every day she musters up the courage to keep at it.

While photographing others, she desires to create an avenue of transparency and a pathway to openness and truth.